Community Outreach

Ramsey Auto Group Sponsors Go The Distance For Autism Bike Event 

On Sunday, June 5, 2022, Ramsey Auto Group sponsored the Go The Distance For Autism Bike Event at Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ! This year, the event was back in-person after two years of being held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since it's inception, Go The Distance has raised $8 million. This event benefited the three leading programs on the front lines of care and services for autism in Northern New Jersey: the REED Foundation for Autism, the Alpine Learning Group Foundation and the EPIC Foundation. 

But why does Ramsey Auto Group Go The Distance? We at the Ramsey Auto Group Go The Distance for the same reasons that all other participating individuals and teams do. Everyone at the Go The Distance for Autism Bike Event Goes The Distance because New Jersey currently has the second highest rate of autism diagnoses in the U.S., and so we and all other participants believe that it is imperative that we raise essential funds for the EPIC Foundation, the REED Foundation for Autism and the Alpine Learning Group Foundation. Raising these funds helps individuals with autism and their families to have a brighter future. Our support changes lives!

     However, you might be wondering, what is autism? Autism is a neurobiological-based developmental disorder that can emerge between infancy and 3 years of age. Right now in the U.S.,1 in 44 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, and in New Jersey, that amount is 1 in 35, which gives it the rank of the second highest rate of autism diagnoses in the country. Additionally, the collective rate of 1 in 44 children diagnosed with autism in the U.S. makes autism more prevalent than juvenile diabetes, pediatric AIDS and childhood cancer combined!  Individuals with autism display marked impairments in social relatedness and communication as well as exhibit a narrow scope of interests and behavior. And, due to significant socialization and language deficits, children with autism are at risk for developing severe behavioral issues such as tantrums, aggression and even self-injury. And what's more, autism knows no ethnic, social or racial boundaries. Every autistic child is unique and every family affected by autism spectrum disorders needs expert guidance and dependable support. And so through early behavioral intervention, organizations like the REED Foundation for Autism, the Alpine Learning Group Foundation and the EPIC Foundation are helping autistic children and their families meet their fullest potential!

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder, but it is still underfunded. Fortunately, over the past 12 years, thousands in Northern New Jersey and beyond, including the Ramsey Auto Group, have raised nearly $8 million in support of these pre-eminent treatment and educational programs. And so we at Ramsey Auto Group are happy to help in continuing this great work!

MRCC Golf Outing & Humanitarian Dinner

Ramsey Auto Group is pleased to announce that the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC) has honored the Van Duren Family who owns all of our dealerships with their Humanitarian of the Year award!

The Van Durens were recognized at the MRCC's 30th Annual ​Golf Outing & Humanitarian Dinner which took place on Tuesday September 14th at the ​New York ​Country Club, located at 103 Brick Church Road in Spring Valley NY. This event benefitted the MRCC, as well as the Mahwah Municipal Alliance who we've supported over the years and Desire 4 Hope.

Congratulations to the Van Duren Family!

A Farm to Stable Affair

Ramsey Auto Group will once again sponsor A Farm to Stable Affair, presented by Pony Power Therapies. This year's event will take place on Thursday September 23, 2021 from 7-10 pm at the Pony Power Farm located at 1170 Ramapo Valley Rd in Mahwah NJ.

This year's event will be honoring AllertonFox Construction's Jamie Fox & Terry Allerton and Cathy Shea. There will be a cocktail party featuring treats crafted by BITE New York, specialty cocktails & unique canapés that you can enjoy as you take in the views on the 13-acre farm setting.

The entire evening will take place outdoors on our farm, so we highly recommend closed-toe shoes although there is no formal dress code. All CDC & state guidelines will be adhered to during this event.